What raising $30mm really looks like

Aaron Rasmussen
1 min readApr 27, 2021
Founder having a floor nap.

A couple of months ago, a successful founder friend of mine commented on how put-together Whitney Wolfe was at the Bumble IPO and how she wished she could be like that. I was shocked because I had looked up to my friend as someone who had her life better together than mine.

So, in the shiny afterglow of our announcement of raising a $30mm Series B round, and perhaps emboldened by the past year of working remotely, I wanted to post a photo I took during the pitching phase of our round as a reminder that the curated appearances we see out there of founders aren’t always the whole story. I was taking a brief under-desk floor nap — er, sorry, “power nap” — and realized how disastrous the whole situation looked here in my house I still somehow haven’t quite fully moved in to.

There you have it: my reverse-angle influencer shot, but for a funding round, in case anyone had any illusions. Now time to get back to work making college affordable. Floor nap’s over.